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We Offer a Full Range of Safety Services to Meet Your Needs

Every year millions of people are involved in motor vehicle accidents. To help combat this unfortunate reality, Lake Erie Construction Co. offers the following services to make your next trip down the highway as safe as possible. As a leader in highway safety construction in Ohio and surrounding states, Lake Erie Construction is your first call for the next highway project.

Guardrail & Safety Barriers

Guardrail is one of the most critical elements of a safe roadway. Guardrail, Cable Rail, Bridge Railing, and other safety barriers serve an important function in reducing injuries when vehicles stray from the roadway. When vehicles stray, it can put occupants at a much higher risk of impacting obstacles, other vehicles, rolling over a steep embankment or becoming submerged in a body of water or draining ditch.


Lake Erie Construction Co. has been the largest installer of guardrail and safety barriers in Ohio for over 40 years. LECC retains one of the most highly trained workforces in the country, at installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of guardrails, bridge rail and other barrier systems in Ohio. The nation’s leading safety barrier manufacturers regularly turn to LECC first to install new products so that ODOT can evaluate those products before approving the products for use on the entire highway system

1 Guardral

Highway Traffic Sign Installation

Highway traffic signs are a critical component of a safe roadway. Whether an interstate highway, a city street, or an old dirt road, drivers depend on legible, highly reflective traffic signs to determine where they are, where they are going and how to safely travel from one location to another.

Lake Erie Construction Co. has been a leader in the installation of Traffic Signs in Ohio for several decades. Whether installing a single sign for a small township or installing the largest Dynamic Message Sign Board in the United States. (Installed in 2019 on Interstate 670 in Columbus, Ohio) Lake Erie Construction Co. provides the same attention to detail to make certain that Traffic Signs are installed in conformance with U.S. Department of Transportation Manuel of Uniform Traffic Control Device requirements and the State of Ohio Specifications and Traffic Control Standard Drawings to ensure that all signs are safely installed along the roadway right-of-way.

2 Signs

Highway & Commercial Fence Installation

Highway fence has been around for decades to deter animals from entering the roadway and causing accidents. Fence also is used for defining right-of-way lines of property. Styles or types of fences that need to be installed has increased over the last few decades, and we pride ourselves with our ability to install all kinds of fence material. LECC removes, installs, and maintains fence in any location such as along highways, Bridge and Parapet Walls, Commercial buildings, Airports, Storage yards and even Solar Fields. Once installed you will feel safe and rest easy at night knowing your assets will be protected.

3 Fence

Impact Attenuators

Lake Erie Construction Co. also provides crash-cushion and attenuator services. One area of risk for the traveling public is when they enter onto or exit off a highway. Impact attenuators are installed to help reduce the risk of significant injury to yourself or others. Every style of attenuator has its unique way of absorbing impacts and therefore gives a safer level of protection while traveling Ohio roadways.

Raised Pavement Markers

Lake Erie Construction Co. has a long history of installing Raised Pavement Markers (RPM) all over the United States of America. Today we install them in Ohio because we are committed to doing it better and safer than anyone in the industry. RPMs have improved in reflectivity over the last decade and their effectiveness at night help illuminate the lanes of travel throughout the state better than ever before. We install permanent or temporary markers to help keep you on the right path to your destination.

4 Attenuator
5 Markers

Erosion Control & Herbicide Applications

Erosion Control is an important function of building and maintaining every roadway and transportation system. Erosion control is vital to stabilizing every project site to reduce the risk of the facility being undermined by erosion. LECC application process was developed thru decades of experience, and we use these techniques to avoid putting the water and drainage facilities at risk.

6 Seedng





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